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Kitchen | Bath | Multi-Room | Whole House Remodeling


USI is a leading residential remodeling company with award winning in-house design.
Our mission is simple: Redesign and Remodel homes with timeless looks geared to today’s lifestyles.

Kitchen Design-Build

Kitchens should be functional and cultivate admiration. Correcting flawed footprints, wall manipulation and designing striking focals are just some of the services typically undertaken as our spaces become what we envisioned and more useful.

Bathroom Design-Build

Umx E Basic S Double Bnf Brushless EFLU5250 Decker Pitts 1S Flite We craft plans to your wants and needs at the forefront. As experts we get the most out of any size bathroom space by bringing the right plans to life. Our team will help navigate layouts and the selection of materials paramount to fulfilling your needs and style.

Umx 1S Decker E Bnf Basic S Double Brushless Flite EFLU5250 Pitts Whole House Design-Build

Multi-room renovations are the domain of specialist’s who can work within existing footprints and construct a new lifestyle. We are deeply influenced by our client’s desires and work to transform perspectives and create completely new relationships with rooms.

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  • Initial Complimentary
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Basic Flite 1S Bnf S Double E Decker Umx Pitts EFLU5250 Brushless Build & Install
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Initial Complimentary Consultation

  • Discuss the project scope, client vision, unique additions or lifestyle needs, and desired design style.
  • Statistical costs of projects and preliminary budget recommendation presented.
  • Pre-construction design agreement outlined and given to client for review.


PROJECT: At Home on the Range

PROJECT: Contemporary Spaces

PROJECT: How to Survive a Major Renovation

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